Volontary Simplicity

« What makes us happy is not to own, but to connect to ourself, to others and to nature. To live soberly is to think about what we really need, to simplify your life, to connect to your feelings, to nature and to the living part vibrating in you. « 

Pierre Rahbi

This sentence of Pierre Rahbi fully summarizes our thought. Detached from this lure of overconsumption in order to exist, we proudly display volontary simplicity as a way of life.

This means that we’re asking ourself each time the question of the utility of a good before we get it. We make a kind of balance between what it gives us and all the consequences that it includes (ecological, social, etc.); while thinking about all other possible solutions / strategies.

This is how we put forward in our daily life zero-waste, trade and recycling as well as rational and long-lasting purchase.

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