Respect for Nature

We grew up in a world where humans has been separated from nature, from the everything. A world where expressions like « pay attention to nature » or « a small gesture for the planet » are commonplace. We wish to give human being his true place by reintegrating him into the same nature that constitutes his very essence. We’re dreaming of a world where all the kingdoms (human, animal, vegetable and mineral) live in peace and harmony.

In a permaculture logic, we don’t wish to reduce our carbon impact but on the contrary, to reverse it. Leave our place even cleaner than in the state we found it. Enriching the soil, planting hundreds of trees and leaving large spaces without direct human interaction are a just few ways to succeed in this challenge.

We would like to develop Ecological Self-Construction as much as possible by creating a place to live in harmony with the landscape. For that, we will use as much as possible ecological and local materials always with  the idea of recycling!

We do not want to cut ourselves abruptly from the techniques and materials that the « modern era » has brought us (car, oil, certain spices, chocolate …) but to think in full awareness of their consequences and how we can do with our own limits of the moment (human or financial) to use them with sobriety. Furthermore, our creativity and the collective intelligence of the groupe will undoubtedly bring forwards ideas to replace or optimize a particular product / technique.

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