Living Together

We sincerely believe that human is naturally made to live in tribe and that’s what we all want to live in the village of Bel-Air. A magnificent tribe where authenticity, benevolence and unconditional love are the key words.

We see the village as a big family where everyone has their own place and can fully flourish. The challenge for us is to strike a balance between the collective and the individual. The collective times are therefore of great importance to us: meals, common activities, meetings, games, festivities, etc. However, we do not want the collective to erase the individual. We are aware that we’re also separate beings who need intimacy, time and space for themselves.

Thus, we all make sure that everyone can fully express their needs by finding appropriate strategies with the help of a wonderful tool: non-violent communication.

In order to anchor this benevolent and empathic communication within the village, we have put in place tools and time so that everyone can express themselves freely and that any conflict is defused: meeting, sharing time, mediation, etc.

Willing to get away from the model of governance pyramid, we favor decision-making in circles with our own system of shared governance that we’re adapting over time. It relies on the models of Sociocracy and Holacracy, with among others the principles of decision by consent and election without a candidate.

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