Food and Energy Sovereignty

Because it is something that gives us a lot of joy and pleasure, we want to produce our own food and energy as much as possible. This is a long way, complete self-sufficiency may never be achieved but it will always be our direction.

Food Sovereignty

Starting from the premise that nature in the wilderness is the most accomplished system that we know, we want to give it an important place and to inspire from it as much as possible to act consciously and reasoned. We wish to move towards food self-sufficiency through the creation of a permaculture garden, a forest garden and through wild harvesting.

We’re trying to consume local, seasonal, and cultivated in respect to the land that’s welcoming us. We found that the best way to associate these values ​​was to cultivate our food ourselves. We are also fully open to exchange / trade or association with people outside the village sharing the same values. We sincerely believe that we are what we eat, so we put a lot of importance into our diet as much as possible healthy, balanced and above all aligned with our values. Freedom and equality being two pillars that are very important to us, as much for us as for other living beings, especially animals, we do not want to have with regard to some a vision of object that would give us the right to treat them differently. It is for this reason that we do not have a meat or dairy products in our village. We do not want to cut off interactions and exchanges we can have with animals. This is how turkeys, pigs, horses, sheep etc. live (or will live) among us as companions of life. The intuitive communication that some of us practice with them will be of great help to know their deepest desires and needs.

Energy Soverignty

Energy self-sufficiency invites us to question all our « comfort » that we have reached today thanks to all fossil energies, especially the nuclear one. As you can imagine, these energies will be difficult to extract and use in the village and we of course want to use them as little as possible. Since the production of electricity most often includes the use of non-renewable batteries with limited lifespan, we first want to use it with sobriety. For example, washing clothes with a pedal washing machine or cooking with wood. In addition, the manufacture of solar panels requires a huge amount of highly polluting materials which also have a limited life. We would therefore like to move towards wind and hydraulic power, their use will be direct or we will store this energy in a sustainable way in the form of potential mechanical energy (« water tower », compressed air, suspension of weight, etc.). ). As for the heating (house, hot water), we would like to use the wood and the solar. Without going into too technical details, we would like to move towards techniques such as the principle of passive houses, the rocket-stove and other inertia stoves, Jean Pain butte system, etc.

These topics are complex and deserve a lot of thought, but many tracks are waiting to be explored. The main idea is that the place can meet all our needs in a sustainable way, being carefull to respect its natural regeneration.

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