Who are we ?

Today, the Village is composed of seven people eager and motivated to bring tomorrow’s world through the village of Bel-Air. Even if it looks like we’re an old group of friends; for most of us, we did not know each other until shortly before this beautiful eco-village project came to reality. Alchemy and the sharing of common values made that quickly created group cohesion.

Passionate since childhood by ecology, travelling and human encounters, I nowadays wish to participate in the creation of tomorrow’s world. Often called utopian, I aspire to put into practice here, all the values that drive me so that each being who lives here can flourish according to his desires.

Free electron, I like being carried by my heart that always takes me to the right place. One foot in the visible world, the other in the invisible one, I like to exchange with my fellow humans as I do with plants, animals, minerals and all the beautiful beings of nature. Willing to embody all that vibrate deep within me, I wish to create this eco-village in order to fully flourish, surrounded by beings with whom I am fully aligned.

Young bearded doctor, I’m discovering the world and its complexity by acting on a daily basis in my own way. During my short life, I had the opportunity to discover the associative world through my studies of medicine (local and national student association), and later in different associations, doing their part for a better future. I also had the opportunity to participate in the creation of environmental, political, public health or travel projects. More recently, I have enjoyed coordinating a group of students from different branches of health to provide health and social support to migrants living in Caen squats. It is with new projects in mind that I’m settling in this eco-village, to rethink the health system of tomorrow and live in accordance with my values.

Dreamer with her feet on the ground, I like to let myself carried away by my imagination and encouters. Returned from an intense 10-month trip in France without money with Pierre-Elie. This year, two beautiful dreams are coming to reality: one thanks to the launching of the itinerant antenna of the Ti Récup ‘ Ressourcerie bringing new life to forgotten objects and villages rich in humanity. The other, by this project of life genially collective, true place of all possibilities! Diversified humans, acrobatic movement, unusual turns, paths to be bypassed, starred eyes, junk ideas, lots of hitchhink, incredible discoveries, pedal washing machine and all of that, dancing perfectly together. I just love it !

First of all, living being, the only label I want to be sticked to! I consider myself as a  catalyst of change for a world of peace, harmony and solidarity, all with joy and fun! I’m initiating or supporting projects going in this direction. I’m also helping each person willing to go towards himself. I co-founded the Bande De Sauvages association and the Yvonne Guéguan Democratic School in Caen. I’m also teaching mindfulness meditation and I have a diploma of professional coach and certified staff – RNCP level 1 (Bac +5 level). I’m practicing within the ecovillage and wherever it’s calling me.

Freshly returned from our trip « Voyage-Nous » with Anouk, I embarked for a more sedentary adventure but no less exciting! I really think that setting up an eco-village, reinvesting the countryside and taking steps towards autonomies is a political act to which I am attached.

Listening life’s messages, Bel-air flourishing on my way, I came here to deploy, explore and recreate a new perception of the possible. My projects are evolving and stabilizing. Therefore, I am looking for a balance taking into account its own environment.
The bond being woven between the different worlds I meet, leads me to explore several means of bodily / artistic expression, between ancestral practices of different ways and ancient skills like the felting of sheep’s wool. Within the Village, I want to return to simplicity, to listening, to constructive and shinny sharing, to the celebration of cycles, to coming back to oneself to better live together. All this leaving room for everyone to thrive in alignment with a whole, united and linked in harmony, love, kindness and joy …and words are so limited.

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